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About the Centre for Mood Disorders


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The Centre for Mood Disorders, led by Professor Richard Morriss, will act as a centre integrating research and education across the university, Trust and service users/members of the public within Nottinghamshire and it will work also with other partners regionally, nationally and internationally. It will be divided into three themes:

  1. Depression and bipolar disorder in adults. Lead Prof Richard Morriss
  2. Mood, well-being and physical health. Lead Prof Patrick Callaghan
  3. Mood disorder in younger people. Lead Prof Kapil Sayal

Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and related behaviours such as self-harm and suicide and presentations e.g. somatisation, health anxiety) are collectively the biggest cause of years lived with disability in the world. One in four people suffer from these problems at some point in their life, and some suffer intermittently throughout their life. They also represent the biggest cause of mortality among all mental health problems, not just from suicide but also from other physical health problems, notably from poor cardiovascular health.

Mood disorder research in the University of Nottingham

Throughout the University of Nottingham there are widely dispersed research and education groups with an interest in mood disorders across many Faculties e.g. affective computing, sensor detection in engineering, self-harm in psychology as well as in other divisions of the medical school e.g. primary care, nursing.

Mood disorder research in the Trust

Within Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, mood disorder research has led to a lot of multidisciplinary capacity building in research with many psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses etc. with higher degrees. There have been important service developments as well from mood disorder research in the Trust and other Trusts e.g. the Specialist Depression Service for persistent moderate to severe depression, group psychoeducation for bipolar disorder, and the Mental Capacity Act booklet. There are also many active service users and members of the public who contribute actively to mood disorder research and such co-production has been key to developing acceptable and effective approaches to managing mood disorder here in Nottingham.

To find out more about the work of the centre email Professor Richard Morriss - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.