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Suicide and self-harm in school children

Concern is growing over the number of young people taking their own lives as well as an unprecedented increase in cases of self-harm.

In the hope of finding ways to tackle the problem, professionals who encounter suicide and suicidality in children and young people, staged a conference at The University of Nottingham on January 24, organised by the School of Education, in conjunction with the Institute of Mental Health and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Although the overall number of suicides is quite small; 204 cases of suicide amongst 15 to 19 year olds and 12 suicides among 10 to 14 year olds in the UK in 2011, coroners are often reluctant to return a verdict of suicide in young people preferring instead to return a verdict of 'accidental' death. As a result the statistics need to be treated with caution.

The University of Nottingham event was organised through the work of the School Age Suicide Managed Innovation Network (MIN), funded by the Institute of Mental Health.The conference attracted a capacity audience as well as local and national media attention, including coverage on Radio 1's Newsbeat news programme.

For further details, see the University of Nottingham press release