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Observational study into schizophrenia seeks referrals

A new observational study called ALTO which is investigating the use of antipsychotic long-acting injections (LAIs) in people with schizophrenia, started within Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust in February 2013, recruiting its first participant within only one week of receiving NHS approval.

The study is split into two parts looking into two types of service users with schizophrenia:

a) Service users who are already receiving an antipsychotic LAI to find out what are the current real-life prescribing patterns across different European countries and the socio-demographics/clinical characteristics of these patients. These service users are seen only once for the study.

b) Service users initiating a new LAI to evaluate their subjective wellbeing, their attitudes to treatment and any side effects experienced. These service users are seen for up to five routine follow-up appointments for up to 18 months from first screening.

Dr Jeremy Resnick, Clinical Director, is leading the study locally in Nottinghamshire Healthcare and along with the support of his colleagues are identifying suitable participants and asking them if they would like to take part. This study is not influencing current care or treatment and we see participants within their routine appointments to help minimise any inconvenience or disruption to their usual care. Participants are asked to complete a few questionnaires taking approximately 15 minutes at the beginning of their routine appointment before they are assessed by their clinician, with the rest of the information being obtained from their medical notes and clinical staff.

We have recruited six participants to the study so far, exceeding our local target, however are asking for any further referrals from clinicians before our recruitment deadline of June 30 2014. We are now only recruiting those who start or switch to a new depot injection, so if you would like to know more information about this study or to refer a patient, please contact Amy Shuttlewood, Clinical Studies Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07769 235 481.