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Notts Healthcare promotes depression research survey

A new national survey about depression has just launched. Depression affects one in 10 adults in any year, and can have debilitating consequences. We know that research can improve lives - improve diagnosis, treatments, care and prevention. But who decides what to research?

The Depression: ARQ online survey is a James Lind Alliance initiative supported by a partnership of organisations including MQ Transforming Mental Health, the Mental Health Foundation and Nottinghamshire Healthcare. The survey gives people with depression, who are rarely consulted, as well as clinicians and academics a rare chance to be involved in setting the research agenda.

This unique project brings together major organisations which represent and advocate for those with depression. Together the partners are promoting a national survey to uncover the unanswered questions about depression. All the questions will be gathered and ranked into lists of top ten priorities, using an established process that gives equal weight to the voices of patients, carers and clinicians.

The lists of top tens will be then promoted to researchers and research funders. The results are intended to give researchers the chance to connect with people their work can affect. To take part and submit your questions about depression visit www.depressionarq.org