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Suicide amoung school aged children and young people


Dr Gary Winship (Associate Professor, School of Education)

Clinical lead

Marie Armstrong

Start and end dates

November 2012 – March 2017


To gather intelligence from local stakeholders about school age suicides (8-18 yrs). Plan is to build and develop local experience and capacity for suicide case review, develop a tool kit of case data review study using current data sources (coroners’ records, child death records and serious case reviews).

Outcomes so far

  • Conference - Suicide Prevention & Suicide Bereavement held 21 January 2015 at IMH.
  • NSPCC Spotlight of Suicide and Self-Harm - Published November 2014. Gary Winship part of the advisory panel for the report and named in the document.
  • Research - The MIN has provided a network which has supported 2 major research bids, one of which was successful (Townsend,
  • DoH £597,000: research self-harm among Looked After Children and Young People).
  • Conference - The challenges of tackling Self-Harm & Suicide in School Age Children & Young People held Friday 24th January 2014, University of Nottingham, Business School.

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