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Trauma, Resilience and Growth


Professor Steve Regel OBE (Psychotherapist) and Professor Stephen Joseph (Psychologist)

Clinical Lead

Professor Steve Rege

Start and end dates

October 2015 - March 2019


The aim is to engage with a variety of trauma related activities in clinical practice, education, training and research in the field of trauma. To collaborate and work with agencies, organisations and service users to consider service delivery, raise awareness of the impact of trauma on the lives of individuals, families and communities, challenge notions of what can be considered “severe and enduring” mental health problems and develop methods of working which enhance resilience and growth following trauma and adversity rather than focus on symptom reduction. There is also a focus on workplace related trauma and collaboration has been established with national and international organisations in this field.

Outcomes so far

Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) workshop held 6-7 April 2016 at the Institute.

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