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About the Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing MIN

We are an inter-disciplinary, collaborative network of researchers, academics, clinicians and service users with an interest in youth mental health.

Our group and the work we conduct is a response to a global youth mental health movement of recognising the emerging health needs of young people and promoting youth mental health, resilience and wellbeing through the development of innovative, youth-oriented mental health services.

Our aims

  1. To promote public and professional interest in the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 25
  2. To foster collaboration and communication locally and nationally between practitioners, researchers, academics, young service users and charities working to improve the health and wellbeing of young people using evidence informed practices
  3. To identify gaps in research and clinical practice and work together to promote the advancement of research and education in youth mental healthTo meaningfully engage young people who use local mental health services as advisors in the group to help us develop and advance research that would target their health needs

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Our research

The research we conduct aims at highlighting the importance of early intervention and prevention of mental illness in the age group of 12 to 25 and the development of targeted services for youth focusing on improving prognosis through continuity of care, promoting resilience and supporting healthy developmental pathways. Ultimately, with our research we want to inform the development of targeted, evidence-based, youth-friendlymental health services by placing young people at the forefront of change.

The group is conducting research under the following themes:

  • Stigma and youth mental health
  • Primary care and youth mental health
  • Transition from child and adolescent to adult mental health services
  • ­Young people’s involvement in the development of mental health services: a scoping review (Dr Maria Michail and Dr Lynda Tait)

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New Youth

New Youth Logo Large

The involvement of young people with and without experiences of mental illness is key to ensuring that proposed ideas, discussions and work conducted as part of our group is relevant to and directly reflects their mental health needs and concerns. To achieve that, we have set up a Youth Advisory Group of ten young people, called New Youth.

This group has direct input in the work we do by advising us on the “big questions” that reflect young people’s concerns about their mental health needs and the current state of mental health services. The group, facilitated by Tim Carter and Dr Maria Michail, meets on a monthly basis.

New Youth projects:

Development of logo and branding and development of resources for young people.  Our young people are currently developing a range of resources including a booklet targeted at other young people for the purposes of:

  • Increasing young people’s understanding of mental health, well-being and mental illness
  • Raising awareness of mental health stigma for youth
  • Sharing with other young people through personal accounts and artwork their experiences of mental illness and recovery

New Youth Booklet

A booklet developed by our young people for young People! Click here to download it.


Youth Mental Health - What role for Primary Care?

25th May 2017, Jubilee Conferencing, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham

A one-day conference for researchers, GPs, practice nurses, service users, mental health professionals working at the interface between primary and secondary care, psychiatrists, policy-makers, commissioners, and anyone else with an interest in this area.

This multifaceted event will provide a forum for hearing about the latest research, sharing ideas about best practice, reflecting on real life experiences, and considering how to best manage some of the challenging issues which primary care professionals and young people face.

Themes for the Day

  • Early detection and management
  • Suicide prevention
  • The role of technology
  • Interface between primary and secondary care

Registration and call for abstracts open soon!

Our team


  • Dr Maria Michail - Network Lead, Senior Research Fellow in Youth Mental Health, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Anne Taylor - Clinical Lead, Consultant Psychiatrist of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


  • Dr Ellen Townsend, Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Dick Churchill, Clinical Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Skills, University of Nottingham Medical School
  • Dr Nicola Wright, Assistant Professor in Mental Health, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, Royal Derby Hospital
  • Dr Eileen O’Regan, Consultant Psychiatrist, Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Dr Tim Carter, Assistant Professor in Mental Health, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham
  • Mr Andrew Grundy, Service user researcher, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Joseph Manning, Registered Children’s Nurse, Nottingham Children's Hospital, Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust
  • Professor Jon Arcelus, Consultant Psychiatrist for Young Adults; Hon. Professor in Mental Health and Wellbeing, Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham
  • Jo Powell, Counselling Co-ordinator, Base 51

Find out more

For further information about the MIN and the information above, please contact the Network Lead - Dr Maria Michail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.