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MINs - Your questions answered

What is a MIN?

The purpose of a MIN is to bring together a multi-disciplinary team to develop an innovative idea with the aim to convert the idea into practice.

The Institute will fund the work of a MIN for up to 3 years and a maximum of £5,000 can be applied for over this duration.

Please note that applicants can only apply for up to two rounds of funding and there is an expectation that successful MINs will look for funding in their first 3 years to ensure the sustainability of the MIN.

Who can apply?

There must be two leads for each MIN; an academic lead and a clinical lead. The network should include a researcher, service user and/or carer and any other voluntary organisation.

The academic lead must be a member of the Institute.

What sort of thing will the Institute fund?

  • Conferences/seminars/workshops for dissemination purposes
  • Inter-library loans
  • UK travel expenses
  • Catering
  • Attendance at conferences/seminars/workshops
  • Digital recording

What won't the Institute fund as part of my MIN?

  • Design of new logos – the IMH logo must be used on all literature
  • Development of new websites – a page on the Institute website can be developed for each MIN
  • Overseas travel (unless supported by a further business case)

What does the Institute expect from me?

  • The lead will keep within their budget set out in their business plan as agreed with the Institute
  • The lead will liaise with the Institute’s Communications Manager and provide updates for the Institute website
  • An annual report at the end of each year providing details of outputs and summary of expenditure and any income
  • A final report at the end of the 3 years

What support will I get from the Institute?

  • Branding, marketing and promotion and events - The Institute's Communications and Events Team will provide advice on branding, help you promote your work through media, websites, newsletters and will provide event administration, advice and guidance.
  • The Institute's three seminar rooms (including AV equipment) may be booked free of charge for MIN events.·
  • The Institute's Research Support and Evaluation Team can carryout evaluations, literature reviews and provide support for research bids.

Next steps:

If you wish to apply for a MIN, visit the how to apply page of this website.