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Advice and Guidance

Research Grant Applications Process

First steps

Once you have identified a 'call' which you are interested in, please contact Yvonne Simpson, the Institute’s Business Development Executive, as soon as possible. You can do this by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 07771 388732. We can then arrange to discuss your bid application in detail and provide guidance and support throughout the bid process.  This will allow the principal investigator (PI) and the BDE the maximum amount of time available prior to the bid submission deadline.  


These take time.  When applying for a research grant we need to give the Finance Departments at least two weeks’ notice prior to the bid submission deadline. This is to ensure the application is costed correctly. Both the University’s and Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust’s respective financial processes are there to ensure that all costings are approved and authorised prior to the bid submission. Our office strives to give the School and RIS a minimum of five working days to authorise applications, which allows time for any amendments or corrections. Click on the link below to see the costings processes for the University and Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

altCostings processes for University and the NHCT [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 382.07 KB]

If you have been invited as a co-applicant in a bid which is being lead by another university, institution or NHS Trust, we can ensure that the costings are ready in good time and reflect accuracy. It is important to note that the same costings authorisation process applies.

It is important that you read and understand the implications of Service Support/Excess Treatment Costs prior to preparing a bid. 

Excess Treatment Costs – relating to non-commercial research

NHS excess treatment costs are the patient care costs provided as part of research that is either an experimental treatment or a service provided in a different location from where it would normally be given and it differs from the normal, standard treatment for that condition. This includes all types of patient care services including diagnostic, preventative, continuing-care, rehabilitation and health promotion.

altLink to further information [Word 2007 Document - 18.95 KB] (date of issue 1 March 2010) 

Researchers should discuss excess treatment costs with the provider Trust where the costs will be incurred. The provider Trust should be able to cover these costs through existing commissioning arrangements and are expected to do so as part of the NHS tariff.

Approval for excess treatment costs through the relevant PCT(s) need to be gained before Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust signs off the bid application.

Research Application Outcomes

It is very important that you keep us updated with regard to Funding Committee decisions so that we can keep a clear picture of all Institute activity. This means that if you are successful or unsuccessful in your bid application, you will need to let the Business Development Executive know the outcome. This will greatly assist with administration and management of our portfolio of funding activities. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If your bid is successful then the principal investigator will need to pass a copy of the funding sponsor’s Offer Letter together with the budget breakdown to the Business Development Executive. We will make sure that you are provided with the right support you need whilst you set up your project. 

University-led projects

The principal investigator is required to complete the “Research Chart” form. You are advised to read the “Definitions Guidance” section first – the link below has all the information you need including the form:

altResearch Chart [Word Document - 41 KB]

It is also important that the Project Financial Split and the Project Credit Split is calculated. It is a requirement that the project is allocated a budget code for accounting purposes. The Business Development Executive will provide you with support and guidance on this. 

Project Management

Effective post award project set up and management influences all aspects of the delivery of research. RIS have produced a guidance document that clearly identifies responsibilities of the principal investigator and RIS together with advice and guidance on project management and costing/pricing.  Please read this document below as it provides you with a full understanding of the processes involved in setting up and project managing your research.
altResponsibilities of the PI and RIS [Word Document - 271.5 KB]

Nottinghamshire Healthcare-led projects

There is a process which you will need to follow to ensure effective project set up and management.  Please approach the Business Development Executive who will guide you with the support of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Finance.