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Forensic Theme

The following Forensic studies are now recruiting in Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.


EQUIP: An open randomised feasibility trial of the Equipping Youth to Help One Another Treatment Programme.

Principal Investigator: Dr Abdul Shaikh

Aims: To test the EQUIP treatment programme with patients who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and a history of criminal offending behaviour in order to estimate appropriate parameters to inform the design of a definitive randomised control trial.

Methods: This study is a two armed open randomised controlled trial of the Equipping Youth to Help One Another Treatment Programme. Recruitment will be open to participants who have IDDs living in hospital who have a history of forensic mental health problems. The EQUIP programme will be delivered by trained therapists working within hospitals. Participants who meet inclusion criteria will be randomly assigned to receive either the EQUIP programme or TAU. All participants will be asked to complete outcome measures within four weeks following randomisation, but before the start of the EQUIP programme. Participants randomised to receive the intervention will receive 40 sessions of the EQUIP treatment programme. We will measure services receipt of those in both study arms. At 16 weeks after randomisation, all participants will be assessed using our outcome measures. A random sample of participants will also be invited to take part in semi-structured interviews to ascertain acceptability and the experience of the treatment.

Inclusion Criteria:
1) Diagnosis of intellectual or other developmental disability made by a Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist or other appropriately qualified professional, 2) detained within hospital using the Mental Health Act (2007), and 3) a history of criminal offending behaviours, defined as clear evidence of a conviction for an indictable offence, or evidence to suggest that an individual has committed and indictable offence, but without an associated conviction.

Exclusion Criteria:
Inability to give or withhold consent to take part as defined within the Mental Capacity Act, 2007.

Lead Research Delivery Officer: Amy Shuttlewood, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  07769 235481