Better skilled staff are better equipped to deliver better care for service users. That is why we run courses covering both core and specialist areas of learning.

We provide validated and non-validated education and training in the form of one-off modules and courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in health care practice. 

Educational courses are run by the Institute’s Centre for Education. The focus of our approach to education is ‘service-facing’, seeking to improve the quality of service user care through skilling up staff. Our education provision is grounded in reality, using real-life examples and developed in partnership with patients, service-users and carers.

Our courses are accessible with venues across Nottinghamshire or in your workplace. Modules are delivered by subject specialists, experts by experience and mental health clinicians.

The courses are highly flexible so you can choose the modules or programmes to fit in with your needs, lifestyle and commitments. We have a successful track record of delivering training that has enabled students to advance their careers and achieve promotions to specialist positions.

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