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It’s World Mental Health Day and we’re excited to announce a range of new projects that we’re involved in that give people a chance to connect with mental health support if they need it.

“World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to talk to as many different people as possible about mental health – whether it’s through promoting the findings of new research, supporting recovery through art and creativity or just taking the time to talk with friends and loved ones.”  Professor Martin Orrell, Director of the Institute of Mental Health.

Tea and Talk:

We’re encouraging our staff to take time to focus on their own mental health, by running a morning “Tea and Talk” session at the Institute.


Public Health England, “Every mind matters” campaign:

Dr Juliet Hassard (Assistant Professor in Occupational Health Psychology) is working with Public Health England as one of their academic spokespeople for their new “Every mind matters” campaign. Today the campaign launches a pilot project in the Midlands for a new free NHS-approved self-help mental health online toolkit. The campaign, along with interviews from Dr Hassard, will be featured on BBC East Midlands Today throughout today and this evening.


Nottingham Forest FC Community Trust mental health campaign:

We’ve started working with Nottingham Forest Football Club Community Trust to help them start scoping out how they could start providing mental health and wellbeing support services to their fans. Today will see the very start of the campaign launch as we support the club to work with fans to set up a new focus group.


New art exhibition at the Institute:

“Twisted Rose and other lives” - launches this evening with a private view. Notts TV are coming down to film the event and interview the artist and academics involved in the arts and trauma managed innovation network that is supporting this new series of artworks; we are hoping that this will be broadcast on Thursday 11th October. The new exhibition will be on view Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm until 1st March 2019.


To round off a busy week, this Saturday will see the Institute play host to the fifth Carnival MAD! A heady mix of conference and carnival around mental health themes, this annual event brings together those with lived experience, alongside those with “learned” experience: mental health practitioners, professionals, researchers and academics. The programme throughout the day is set to explore the question:  “Could or should MAD spaces exist within academic processes and places?”. This year’s event will be held here on Saturday 13th October, from 9am – 5pm.

The institute’s Twitter account will be very busy today publicising all these campaigns, events and the latest updates.