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From 29 to 31 October, the 28th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Making dementia a European priority” - organised in collaboration with CEAFA and Fundación Alzheimer España - will bring together over 800 delegates. Among those delegates will be a large group of representatives from the Institute of Mental Health’s Centre for Dementia. Ranging from early career researchers to leading dementia experts, the team will be delivering a range of oral and poster presentations.


Alzheimer Europe is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) aiming to provide a voice to people with dementia and their carers. The organisation aims to make dementia a European priority, promote a rights-based approach to dementia, support dementia research and strengthen the European dementia movement.

The full conference programme includes 239 oral presentations and 175 poster presentations, and the following Institute representatives will be there:

Professor Tom Dening:

  • Delivering an oral presentation on the CADDY study which looked at dementia undetected or undiagnosed in primary care. (The title is a contraction of the CFAS II Dementia Diagnosis Study.) CADDY was led by the University of East Anglia but used data from three research centres in England, including Nottingham.
  • Prof Dening will also be presenting a poster on behalf of PhD student Stephanie Petty, who is based at the Retreat in York. Stephanie is interested in manifestations of and responses to distress shown by people with dementia. Her other supervisors are Amanda Griffiths and Dons Coleston.

Professor Justine Schneider

  • Delivering an oral presentation about "Winston’s World", a graphic novel about home care for people with dementia, which is drawn by award-winning cartoonist Tony Husband based on a storyboard derived from ethnographic research.

Brian Crosbie:

  • Delivering an oral presentation about the ORCHARD study. The study recently concluded, and its findings emphasise the importance of maintaining the hearing communication of people living with dementia in care homes.

Dr Karen Harrision Dening:

  • Delivering an oral presentation on Admiral Nursing: a case management approach to palliative care, and a poster presentation on information for families affected by dementia and multi-morbidities. Both of these arise from her work for Dementia UK.

Claudio Di Lorito:

  • Delivering an oral presentation reviewing cognitive impairment / dementia in secure forensic psychiatric settings. Older patients now represent 20% of residents in forensic psychiatric settings in several European countries, a proportion of whom may develop dementia. However, discourse around dementia in secure settings has been under addressed, potentially neglecting the needs of patients with the condition. This study aimed to build evidence in this area, by undertaking research in three UK secure forensic psychiatric units.

Orii McDermott and Becky Dowson

  • Presenting the CHORD manual - a manual for singing group facilitators working with people with dementia. Orii McDermott received the Music Therapy Charity project grant in 2015 to develop the manual and Becky Dowson evaluated the manual as part of her doctoral study. The manual is for singing group facilitators who have not had therapy training - it is a music therapy skill-sharing project.

Emma Broome

  • Presenting the results her PhD thesis “Evaluating arts interventions in residential care”.  Arts interventions are increasingly being implemented in residential care to improve the quality of life of residents, including those living with dementia. This presentation explores how care personnel influence the access and experience of residents participating in creative arts interventions in two care homes in the UK.