VOICE, a dementia research study that developed a new training course for healthcare professionals, has been nominated for a national dementia excellence award.

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The communication needs of care home residents with dementia and hearing loss are often overlooked. The Centre for Dementia's ORCHARD study is launching a new art commission to illustrate its research findings.

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For the past couple of years, IMH Research Fellow Fiona Marshall, along with numerous groups and individuals, has been working on the Rural Dementia Charter as part of the 2020 Prime Minister's Dementia Challenge. This has led to the production of two documents: the charter for policy makers and an Alzheimer's Society guide to dementia-friendly rural communities. Fiona Marshall is the first author of both documents.

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New Developments in Dementia Prevention Research is a new book that collates contributions from leading authorities in brain health and dementia prevention, including Professor Miia Kivipelto (Clinical Geriatric Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden). Dr Deborah de Oliveira (Institute of Mental Health’s Centre for Dementia) is an editor of the book and co-author of three of the book’s chapters.

Dr Deborah Oliveira, Research Fellow at the Institute of Mental Health, has received a commendation from the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Research Leaders 2018 award.

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Autumn 2018 heralded the third TAnDem conference, (Doctoral training centre for The Arts and Dementia) bringing together service users living with dementia, artists, carers and academics to share and discuss the impact and implementation of research into the arts and dementia.

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Specially organised ‘dementia friendly’ swimming sessions can be beneficial to people with dementia and their carers, according to a new study by researchers at the Institute of Mental Health released this week as part of Dementia Action Week 2018.

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Dr Katy Jones (Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology from the Institute's Centre for Dementia) appeared on the BBC Radio Four Today programme on the morning of Thursday 2nd August reviewing the latest findings from a UCL published study. The study published in The BMJ looked at the association between alcohol consumption and dementia.

The incurable, degenerative group of disorders known as dementia will affect one million people in the UK by 2025. Our expectations of old age are overshadowed by the probability of progressive memory loss, with families under pressure to support frail older members in the community. Health and social care services worldwide are struggling to meet the challenge of unprecedented numbers of people living with memory loss.

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There was much debate in the national press recently as new research linked lifestyle factors as contributing to a lower risk of dementia. The research study was led by University College London and Institute of Mental Health expert Professor Tom Dening was asked to provide comments for the national media.

Live screenings of the acclaimed theatre production Inside Out of Mind are being screened on the IDEA website. The play was written using the transcripts of research interviews from a dementia ward. Supported by facilitated discussion and an online workbook, screenings have already reached more than 1,500 people from Portsmouth to Shrewsbury, Newcastle to the Isle of Wight. Commissioned with funding from the University of Nottingham, and filmed in production at Lakeside Arts, this project aims to increase understanding and awareness of dementia and dementia care.

The Rising Star in Dementia Research award recognises early career researchers who have already made great progress in dementia research and have the potential to contribute more to the field in the future. Emma Broome from the Centre for Dementia was recently nominated for the award.

The Centre for Dementia is running a seminar series. Topics being discussed in 2018 include extra care supported housing, peer co-research with people with dementia, and educating the health and social care workforce in dementia care. See our events section for details.

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Experts from the Institute of Mental Health's Centre for Dementia have developed a new training course for healthcare professionals to help them communicate more effectively with patients living with dementia.

A ground-breaking research project to understand the needs and experiences of people affected by dementia in rural areas is to be carried out in Derbyshire’s Peak District.

Dr Fiona Marshall, Alzheimer’s Society senior research fellow at The University of Nottingham, is following a group of people with dementia and their carers to find out how and to what extent they use the services provided by the NHS and social and voluntary sectors.

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Dr Deborah Oliveira, Research Fellow at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), spent four weeks working alongside the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Department of Ageing and Life Course reviewing and appraising the long-term care policies for older people in low to middle-income countries, alongside Professor Anne Margriet Pot. The review findings will contribute to the development of an assessment tool of countries’ preparedness to provide long-term care to older people.