The Centre has worked on a major grant running for four years to 2018 with the police service in Norfolk and Suffolk helping develop new strategic and tactical policing. Projects have included evaluations, evidence reviews, educational developments (including masters level courses) and the trialling of new performance and data analysis tools.

A research project (Porticus Trust) is running to assess the impact of parental incarceration on children. This 2017-18 project focuses on an identified but under-research area of the educational, emotional and social deprivation experienced by children whose parents are imprisoned.

A three-year research grant (WISDOM) is evaluating an intervention in Wales looking to manage high risk offenders more effectively. The project, running to 2020, involves the evaluation of pilot services in all the Welsh police forces and the National Probation Service.

The Centre received a major grant from the HEFCE/College of Policing for evaluation work with a number of police forces in England and Wales in 2015-17. Projects included the design and evaluation of experimental policing interventions, evidence reviews, and qualitative and quantitative evaluations of current strategic and tactitcal policing.