Lead: Prof Jon Arcelus, Professor in Mental Health and Transgender Health, based at the Institute of Mental Health

Clinical Lead: Dr Walter Bouman, Clinical academic in Transgender health based at the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Dates: Launched in May 2018

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The MIN will work towards the creation of a Centre at the Institute of Mental Health, which will complement the clinical part of the nationally commissioned transgender health service and establish Nottingham as one of the leading main centres for trans research in the world.

  • To put together clinical and non-clinical academics, which includes clinicians, sociologists, psychologist, linguistics, new technology experts and occupational health psychologists, who are interested in working with gender diverse identifying people.
  • To work closely with the Service Users Research Advisory Group (SURAG) for transgender health and members from the Trans* community who will be part of the MIN.
  • To explore different areas of wellbeing, such as relationships, the role of social media, new technology, access to health services and the effect of a social gender role transition at work among gender diverse people (e.g., those who identify as trans*).


  • During the first year the network will organise a series of meetings to explore main factors affecting wellbeing for this particular population.
  • With that aim a conference with members of the community will be organised in order to explore the views of trans* people and work collaboratively with the trans* community.
  • The network will develop a series of research proposals during the first 2 years.
  • Funding for these research projects will be sought.
  • A series of training days related to transgender health will also be developed.
  • A conference will be planned to disseminate the network of the MIN annually.

This network is also linked to the Centre for Social Futures "Gender, identity, sexuality and wellbeing" integrated research group.