The mission of the Institute is to advance mental healthcare through excellence in research and education. The Institute will take a multi-disciplinary approach across the age range making the best use of patient and public involvement to improve the experiences of service users and carers. We aim to promote innovation, evaluation and clinical excellence across NHS services.

The Institute will address the diversity of mental health needs including dementia and learning disability. We will fully explore health behaviour approaches to improve health including prevention and public health. Our work will incorporate innovation in research and teaching, implementation of evidence into practice, and dissemination, impact and policy initiatives.

Artwork called Alive

We aim to be acknowledged as the leading centre in the UK for applied mental health research and education, recognised as one of the top five in Europe, and widely acclaimed for international and world-leading excellence.

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Build research capacity through attainment of major research grants, PhD students, research fellows, and new academic posts, in conjunction with advances in research methodology, and work to assist in the formulation of research grants including relevant local evaluation
  • Pursue excellence in research indicated by high impact and other major peer reviewed papers, presentations at major national and international conferences, and other significant academic contributions
  • Build excellence in education through specific nationally renowned courses, international students, methodology courses, and through supporting relevant university-led courses such as the MSc in Mental Health Research. For university-based courses the involvement of the Institute will vary according to circumstances